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“Depression a Catastrophe”



The word depression is common term in today’s world. When a person lost the ability to over come his problems in day to day life. The inability to face and overcome the problems, can be termed in simple words as depression. The factors leading to depression can be numerous, depending upon the Environment, social status, Economic, Emotional and various other factors. The victim of depression can be of any age sex. It is a mental disorder of fraustation . It is external as well as internal , on the basis of caste , creed , high , low rank helpless and needy people are descriminated so depression is obvious. Everyone is after wealth, may earn it legally or illegally to become a capitalist to borrow an usury brings sudden misery. He that goes on borrowing goes sorrowing is very true.

Infriority complex is a factor of depression jobless, unemployed and qualified youths too are victims of depression. It is a pity that youths are always seen circum violating the offices but no Justice is given to them . It is a derision with their qualification and great labour. That’s why they become drug addicts.

Abrupt changes in the lifestyle of the society are yet another cause of depression. Evil customs equally are responsible for it. People ought to keep their siprits up, work hard and never give up.

“Iqra Nabi”
Journalism Student
Degree College Baramulla


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